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€250 / week
Refreshed on: 20/12/2018

Dooey Heights Cottages - Lettermacaward, Donegal

4 beds Cottage


Two cottages to choose from!
While the two cottages are slightly different in size and structure, with one having three, and the other having four bedrooms; interior fittings and furnishings are very similar in style and decoration. For this reason, we have included them both on one listing, and for convenience, the photos, while actually of the larger cottage, could apply to either one. The cottages face south west, are in an enclosed property, and in a quiet, and peaceful location. They can be rented singly or jointly, and would be ideal for a large family or group (if rented jointly.)

The cottages are situated on Donegal's West Coast in the Lettermacaward area, more or less between Glenties and Dungloe, and on a small peninsula facing Gweebarra Bay in the west, with Trawenagh Bay to the north and the Gweebarra River estuary to the south.

Just a little under 2km away, within walking distance, lies the fabulous stretch of Dooey Beach;  - a 3km long strip of sand facing due west onto the Atlantic. The natural formation of Gweebarra Bay seems to have the effect of concentrating the currents and waves entering the bay, making conditions ideal for surfing! Indeed the beach is a popular attraction for surfers from far and wide, and a Summer Surfing School is held in the area for those wishing to improve their skills.
Local Activities

Of course, those who are not into surfing, can still enjoy the beach, the sand, and foam, without having to use a surf board. Other water activities that come to mind include; swimming, snorkelling, - or scuba diving, sailing and other types of boating.

Fishing is very popular in West Donegal, whether fresh water angling in one of the 130 lakes in the area, or deep sea fishing by hired boat.  The importance of the fishing industry in the area is born out by the number of competitions and festivals held at different times of the year, (but mainly between June and October.) sponsored by different angling bodies in the area.
The  most popular of all is the "The Rosses Anglers, Mary From Dungloe Competition" held in late July. An extremely popular ...

Donegal Holiday Cottages

4 Drumlerry, Culmore Road, Derry, BT48HGQ

€250 / week
€250 / week