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Carna is a village and townland in Connemara, Co Galway. It is located in the heart of the Gaeltacht area, around 50km west of Galway City. Carna is a small area, but it has a large enough influence on the surrounding areas in Connemara as it contains a Garda station, a Health Centre including a Rapid Response Ambulance and it also houses an Irish Coastguard lifeboat. Carna is located close to the village of Cill Chiarain and they share the peninsula locally called Iorras Aithneach. The National University of Ireland, Galway, has an Irish-language and educational centre (Áras Shorcha Ní Ghuairim) in Roisín na Mainiach, near Carna. It also operates a marine biology station Martin Ryan Institute in Maínis and an atmospheric research station a...

Household In Carna

26%progress completed

One Person

16%progress completed

Couple without Children

33%progress completed

Couple with Children

13%progress completed

Single Parent

12%progress completed


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Resident Age

Under 1616-3435-4950-6465+10%20%0%28%20.0022.0017.0022.0019.0022.0028.0022.0016.0012.00CarnaNational
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House Age

Before 19191919-19601961-19801981-2000After 2000Not Stated5%10%15%20%0%26%17.0015.0019.0025.0021.003.009.0015.0020.0025.0026.005.00CarnaNational
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Housing Type In Carna

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