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Timoleague is a village in Cork, located along the southern coast. It is close to Courtmacsharry and is about 17km south of Bandon and 48km from Cork on the R600 coastal route. Local amenities include the ruins of Timoleague Abbey, as well as shops, pubs and restaurants. Much of the local industries are based around tourism, agriculture and craft. One of the main employers in the local area is Stauntons Food a local producer of Pork/Bacon products. There are many other small and medium-sized businesses in the area including a small local maker of bespoke kitchens/furniture. Timoleague Brown Pudding, a type of blood sausage, has been granted Protected Geographical Status under European Union law. The Timoleague Harvest Festival is held every...

Household In Timoleague

26%progress completed

One Person

19%progress completed

Couple without Children

34%progress completed

Couple with Children

7%progress completed

Single Parent

12%progress completed


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Resident Age

Under 1616-3435-4950-6465+10%20%0%28%21.0027.0021.0018.0013.0022.0028.0022.0016.0012.00TimoleagueNational
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House Age

Before 19191919-19601961-19801981-2000After 2000Not Stated5%10%15%20%0%26%25.0015.0016.0021.0022.001.009.0015.0020.0025.0026.005.00TimoleagueNational
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Housing Type In Timoleague

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