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The IFSC (International Financial Services Centre) is a major financial services centre in North Wall in Dublin's north inner city in the Dublin 1 postcode region. Over 500 companies are based here, employing thousands with many apartment dwellings, retail units, restaurants and hotels popping up alongside the businesses. The IFSC comprises the area between Memorial Road, Amiens Street, Lower Sheriff Street, Guild Street and teh River Liffey along North Wall Quay and Custom House Quay. Adjacent Districts include East Wall to the north and Spencer Dock to the east. The Custom House, Busáras and the city centre also lie to the west along Store Street and Abbey Street. The National College of Ireland is situated within the IFSC while the red l...

Household In IFSC

33%progress completed

One Person

12%progress completed

Couple without Children

8%progress completed

Couple with Children

16%progress completed

Single Parent

31%progress completed


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Resident Age

Under 1616-3435-4950-6465+20%40%0%54%12.0054.0018.0010.006.0022.0028.0022.0016.0012.00IFSCNational
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House Age

Before 19191919-19601961-19801981-2000After 2000Not Stated10%20%30%0%40%7.0014.006.0017.0040.0016.009.0015.0020.0025.0026.005.00IFSCNational
Source: CSOmore details

Housing Type In IFSC

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