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Culdaff is a village on the Inishowen Peninsula in Co Donegal. Its beach is a popular tourist attraction and is only about 50 yards away from the village. It includes two beaches, 'the small beach' and 'the big beach'. The beach can be very busy during the summer, and is known for the expansive sand on the main beach, and a large area of rocks around the second and further along the coastline. One of the biggest events for Culdaff beach is the New Years Swim. People celebrate the new year by running into the ice cold water wearing just swimming gear. The Bunagee Pier is the mooring for two boats that take anglers out to fish, the Barracuda and the Gemini. The fish caught offshore include White Pollock, Black Pollock, Plaice, Rock Salmon, Se...

Household In Culdaff

26%progress completed

One Person

16%progress completed

Couple without Children

41%progress completed

Couple with Children

10%progress completed

Single Parent

7%progress completed


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Resident Age

Under 1616-3435-4950-6465+10%20%0%28%24.0023.0021.0019.0013.0022.0028.0022.0016.0012.00CuldaffNational
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House Age

Before 19191919-19601961-19801981-2000After 2000Not Stated10%20%0%31%12.006.0020.0030.0031.001.009.0015.0020.0025.0026.005.00CuldaffNational
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Housing Type In Culdaff

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