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Ballycotton is a seaside resort village in Co Cork. Situated about 40km east of Cork City, it is a well known fishing village which sits on a rocky-ledge overlooking Ballycotton Bay and has a sandy beach that stretches for about 25km east to Knockadoon Head. The current village is actually a re-settlement of an older village which is now entirely underwater. Ballycotton experiences severe coastal erosion with metres of land crumbling into the sea every few years. It is a site of international research interest on coastal erosion. An RNLI Lifeboat Station is located here, as well as an automated lighthouse. Ballycotton is also well known as the home of many fine public houses including the Blackbird of Ballycotton, Lynch's or the Inn by the ...

Household In Ballycotton

25%progress completed

One Person

21%progress completed

Couple without Children

39%progress completed

Couple with Children

9%progress completed

Single Parent

2%progress completed


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Resident Age

Under 1616-3435-4950-6465+10%20%0%28%24.0018.0025.0020.0013.0022.0028.0022.0016.0012.00BallycottonNational
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House Age

Before 19191919-19601961-19801981-2000After 2000Not Stated5%10%15%20%0%26%15.0015.0016.0025.0025.004.009.0015.0020.0025.0026.005.00BallycottonNational
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Housing Type In Ballycotton

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