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Local Area Guides in Ireland

Thinking about buying or moving to a new area? MyHome area guides provide useful information on local areas whether you are buying or renting property. Search by Irish counties and refine by towns or areas. Find local information including amenities, maps, schools and transport links. You will also find property listings in your area including residential, rental and commercial properties for sale and to rent.

Find information on your area by County

Choose a county then town to find local information you are interested in.

Researching an area to buy a property

Searching for property is a time consuming task, so when you find the property for you it is easy to act on impulse and jump right in. However finding out about the area before you put in an offer is as important as finding the right property, by using our local area guides you can find out:

  • Asking prices in the local market - you can now keep track of asking prices in Ireland including all Irish counties and towns. MyHome tracks the asking prices for all properties in an area and calculates an average trend over time.
  • Transport information – transport is an important consideration before you buy. Our area guides provide you with local transport links and your estate agent will also be able to inform you about the local bus routes, trains, roads and other transport links available in the area.
  • Local services in your area – whether you are interesting in buying a new house, a second hand home or investment property, find services at your doorstep from local solicitors, interior designers, gardeners to plumbers and electricians.
  • How far is the local school or college? will be an important question when buying a new property. Use our area guides to find the location and contact details of the nearest local schools & colleges.


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